Social-emotional challenges faced students

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Social-emotional challenges faced students

Going through complicated challenges at certain phases is a part of life for everyone and it is no different in the case of children. With a gigantic rise in the competition in the modern world, there also has been a huge rise in social and emotional challenges for children. 

1) Anxiety

Starting with anxiety, anxiety is one of the most common challenges that children face in today’s time and there could be a lot of reasons behind that, for instance, academics or fear of COVID or even problems within the family members.

2) Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is an extremely common factor that influences the lives of children. If a child has one or more peers achieving more than him academically or financially put a lot of stress on the child. 

3) Perfectionism

Another challenge children commonly face nowadays is of achieving perfectionism in all the possible paths to be able to compete with other children. Perfectionism put undue pressure on a child and in some cases leads to self-doubt or self-deprecating behaviour. 

4) Socioeconomic Status 

Literacy gaps in children from different socioeconomic backgrounds is a big factor the decides the pace at which a student gains education. Low SES correlates to lower educational achievement, poverty and poor physical and mental health and students from low-SES backgrounds are less likely to go to college. 

So improving school systems and early intervention programs may help reduce stress anxiety and risk factors mentioned above. We need to equip students to deal with anxiety or stress. Schools need to ensure that students do not develop depression or any eating disorders or become frustrated with life.

We also need to understand that students’ attitudes and dispositions are influenced to a great degree by the support they receive from families and teachers and by the role models they are exposed to. Schools need to ensure that a child has proper support from families and teachers. Emotional support from parents and teachers increases a child's enthusiasm which is paramount in developing a positive attitude towards learning and life.  


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