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Ms Urvashi Kakkar
Mrs. Urvashi Kakkar



Gurukul Global School was set up with the vision to impart holistic education with academic excellence. It has developed a blended curriculum by incorporating national and international curriculum.

Some of our best practices are peer learning, Research-based learning, and learning with interdisciplinary projects. We earnestly follow the ‘No Child Left Behind' policy. Together our School aims to inspire and draw out every child’s capacity for self-discovery, personal development, achievement, and excellence, with an approach that is practical, cross-cultural, and collaborative.

In kindergarten, we follow our self-designed curriculum, a mixed bag approach. Teaching and learning take place in a more interactive manner, classroom sessions contain more fun, are creative, and full of exploratory activities.

Our mission is to create individuals with well-rounded personalities who will become responsible citizens. Life skills and Value Education are a part of the curriculum to provide the requisite help and guidance, for the students to imbibe values and to lead a balanced and healthy life. The students are taught to be lifelong learners with a proactive approach towards facing challenges.

The school provides a healthy and disciplined environment, making children grow up with curiosity, competition, learning to adapt and resolve differences diplomatically.

Our team of mentors strives day in and day out to create a perfect balance, kindling the learning process.


Founder, Gurukul Global School & Managing Director, GGS Managing Committee


Envisioned not merely as a ‘Temple of Learning’ but as ‘Temple of Growth’, the foundation of the school was laid with the mission to provide a conducive platform to the children to grow in terms of knowledge, personality, outlook, skills, and umpteen other areas that would give them untainted confidence to stand tall and take on life’s challenges withélan. My journey with the school has been nothing short of ‘Ecstasy’. Seeing the tiny tots revel in their innocent childhood tactics is an unparalleled pleasure.

Slowly as they move on in their classes, they acquire dexterity and prowess in diverse areas and bloom into youth with holistic personalities.

Nothing can be more gratifying and rewarding than seeing your mission turning into a concrete reality. Through the school, we also wish to reach out to society and contribute meaningfully to the positive development and evolution of the same.

Therefore, our objective is to nurture and foster the growth of the ‘Globalities’ in the right direction so that they not only blossom into successful human beings but ‘Humane’ human beings with a contemporary outlook coupled with the Values and Ethics that our beloved country stands for.


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