Principal's Message


Mrs. Neena Pandey


Gurukul Global School was set up with the vision to impart holistic education with academic excellence. It has developed a blended curriculum by incorporating national and international curriculum.
Some of our best practices are peer learning, Research based learning and learning with interdisciplinary projects . We earnestly follow the ‘No Child Left Behind’ policy.
Together our School aims to inspire and draw out every child’s capacity for self- discovery, personal development, achievement and excellence, with an approach that is practical, cross-cultural and collaborative.
In kindergarten we follow are self- designed curriculum, a mixed bag approach. Teaching and learning takes place in a more interactive manner, classroom sessions contain more fun, are creative and full of exploratory activities.
Our mission is to create individuals with well-rounded personalities who will become responsible citizens. Life skills and Value Education  are a part of the curriculum to provide the requisite help and guidance, for the students to imbibe values and to lead a balanced and healthy life.The students are taught to be lifelong learners with a proactive approach towards facing challenges.
The school provides a healthy and disciplined environment, making children grow up with curiosity, competition, learning to adapt and resolve differences diplomatically. Our team of mentors strive day in and day out to create a perfect balance, kindling the learning process.

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