Principal's Message


Ms. Urvashi Kakkar


Empowering young minds to spread their wings, to expand their thinking horizons and develop the courage to tread the unconventional path is the motto of the school.

We, believe that the aim of education is to prepare the youth for’ life’ not only for ‘career’, as is commonly mistaken and misunderstood by all.

Panoramic development of the personality of each child is the focus area of the whole team of GGS. Keeping this mantra in mind a well structured comprehensive curriculum coupled with child centered experiential mentoring entailing the development of the critical and analytical thinking, logical skills, creativity , problem solving is put in place to develop youth with holistic personalities possessing all the requisite21st century skills.

Due importance is given to every child as we believe that every child isspecial and possesses a unique talent just waiting to be topped.

Our vision is not only to evolve successful youth but ‘Happy’ individuals with a positive outlook and never-say-die attitude.

We strive to develop progressive minded Globalities with contemporary outlook whilst keeping them binded to the rich traditions and values of the Indian society.

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