Kindergarten caters to the educational needs of 3 year to 5 year olds. 3year olds take admission to Nursery and further graduate to LKG and UKG classes.  

Highlights of the teaching Methodology

CIRCLE TIME : For the tiny tots , their day starts with ‘Circle Time’ wherein they are allowed to simply talk – talk about just anything and everything, for this activity enables them to develop the confidence to speak out their mind.

FUN ACTIVITIES FOR EVERY CONCEPT TAUGHT: Being a child centric school with ample emphasis on learning through fun; activities are engrained into the curriculum to make learning more exciting for the tiny tots. 

USE OF TECHNOLOGY: Use of Smart boards, PPTs, Videos etc. is made regularly to catch the attention of the young minds.

FIELD TRIPS: Based on the ‘concept’ being taught in the class, field trips are organized wherein children are taken out to let them experience the application of the concept taught. . 

SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Targeting the holistic personality development of the Globalities , the students are given ample exposure to learn and further hone their skills in dance, music, sports, art and craft etc. . 

USING PLAYTIME AS LEARNING ZONE: We aim at transforming playtime into opportunities to instill important cognitive and motor skills.  

PERSONAL ATTENTION TO EACH AND EVERY CHILD: With an Assistant Teacher and a trained maid attached to each class, the teacher is able to focus on every child minutely. 

Emphasis on developing Good Handwriting is laid stress upon right from the beginning. 

PLAYZONES: Visit to sandpit, separate play zones to develop the kinesthetic skills of the young minds is everyday routine for the tiny tots.  

CELEBRATION OF IMPORTANT DAYS AND FESTIVALS: All the festivals are celebrated with extreme joy and gaiety in order to instill the love for one’s country and its rich heritage and traditions.  

Many a times, parents are also involved as active partners in such celebrations to give them also youthful and joyful experience. 

INCULCATING VALUES: ‘: ‘Catch ‘em Young’ – Going by this mantra, values are inculcated in the young ones through various activities. They are taught to respect their elders, touch their feet and seek blessings. Celebration of days like Mothers day, Grandparents Day, help to instill the ‘Family Values’.

POP CORN MOVIE DAY: Screening of movie every last Friday of the month, gives all kindergarten kids to sit together and share popcorns and other delicacies brought by them.

WEEKLY TAKEAWAYS: Art and craft skills in accordance with the concept being taught in the class, results in every individual child producing tangible takeaway for his home which is equally enamoring for the parents. 

ASSEMBLIES: Regular Assemblies are held with Prayers and other activities which help in making the students shed the ‘stage fear’. Every Child is assigned a definite role to perform and thereby develop public speaking skills and confidence.

FRIDAY SPECIAL: Developing good health and hygiene of each kid and instilling good etiquettes amongst the kids is taken care of by the teachers. Activities like ‘Doll Bathing, Hand washing, Brushing etc. are conducted from time to time. In addition to emphasizing the role of a ‘Balanced Diet’ in the healthy growth of the young ones; Friday specials are a part of the curriculum, as the young ones are given a specific menu for the tiffin on every Friday.  


Continuous & Comprehensive assessment is done in form of informal projects to gauge the readiness of the students for the next class.

Due importance is given to all projects, holiday homework and also to regularity in attendance and work

Affiliations & Recognitions