Carrying an identity card is compulsory for all students and staff. Visitors need to make entries at security and are issued ID cards too before entering the campus.The campus is equipped with CCTV cameras to ensure constant surveillance.

Teachers monitor all the classes at all times.Teachers and other helpers are always available, especially during break timings. The young students are accompanied by the maids and the teachers for the visit to activity rooms, to ensure they are taken care of. All Disciplinary and disruptive issues are addressed immediately. Students are expected to follow school rules and conduct themselves appropriately.

We give preference to the sibling of existing students of the school. In case of limited availability of the seats, a sibling/reference of an existing student will be given preference.

Students can take subjects of their choice but as we have Timetable for fixed subject combinations, so there is clash sometimes because of this.

We conduct Aptitude Test for XI and XII. Career Counseling is done on the basis of this test. Career Counseling workshops are being conducted regularly.

We have two counselors in the school i.e. behavioral and academic counseling who regularly conduct the Sessions as per the requirement of the students.

Yes, we have classes and exams for additional subjects. All the students who have additional subjects need to give exams in Term 1 and Term 2 for the same.

It can be checked in Cyber School Manager(CSM) app as attendance is marked on it daily by the class teacher.

Yes, it can be changed subject to approval by CBSE. The applications are sent to CBSE with reason.


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