Time & Stress Management

05 Nov
A special workshop was organised for Globalites from class VI to XII. 
Mr Hiteshwar an All India topper answered questions based on how to manage time and stay away from stress. He shared his opinion that self -study is  most important aspect of studies and revision should be done  systematically. He gave examples from the game of cricket to explain the difference between success and failure. He said being vigilant,having a good handwriting and not missing regular school are the tips to reach success. To achieve your goals focus is required. Instead of being stressful if we work and see how others are doing good .It boosts your confidence. He said work hard for those who love you and don't  bother what your critics say.He shared,for him little stress is always good as then you work hard but only thinking about stress will never help you. He said your giving  100 percent  will make you successful .
Toppers are also stressed but they have a clear  vision and they work on their mistakes.Even I was not a topper always, he said I closely followed the progressive  growth. What are different stress busters. He said  go for a walk,play a sport ,join hobby classes.Talking to parents and their teachers  also helps to release stress. No one appreciates anger. Don't show your anger rather answer with your good result. Have a calm mind.
At the end Principal Ms Nina Pandey said that  today all must be feeling really happy on getting  tips from Hiteshwar who is not only academic topper but an All rounder ,She said the best take of the session was  Time Management  is Self management. 
Ms Renu thanked Mr Hiteshwar  for taking out his valuable time to give tips to the students who would have benefitted a lot from all the valuable tips shared by him and all the students who shared their questions. 

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