Motivational Workshop by Mr Amit Pandey

02 Mar
Gurukul Global Teachers get motivated by Mr Amit Pandey a TEDx speaker. CEO of PinCap, chief mentoring officer of Super 77,a popular motivational speaker, winner of 116 awards, The winner of Promising Indian of the year award and a TEDx speaker Mr Amit Pandey. had the teachers of Gurukul Global glued to their seats with mot only his totally down to earth approach but as he shared his mantras of being positive in life. He highlighted that if each one of us is a good human being we all are bound to always get good in life. He emphasised on converting our mindsets and not to allow the crowd to change us. He advised that one should have his or her own distinctive policy. Next mantra was if you don't respect your job,the job will never respect you. Each one should leave their comfort zone and try to be sincere to be happy, Every one should change themselves rather than trying to change others. He also highlighted that we should never get trapped in negativity as it is 1000 times more powerful than positivity. Always remember the theory of Karma- Life is all about moving on and on and on. His talk was full of lighter moments and motivational videos which made the talk not only interesting but highly motivational . The talk was attended by Director Sh Devraj Setya, Principal Ms Nina Pandey, Associate Principal Ms Sudeshna, Senior Secondary Head Ms Renu Sharma..

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